Normally I would have been…

Heading towards Spittal of Glenshee at the north end of the course. At the Cateran Yomp for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, where the word ‘normal’ doesn’t actually come into any part of the equation. 1,000 people from across the globe, 54 miles, muddy hillsides, forest roads, blue skies, driving rain, sunrise, elation, sunset, determination, sunrise...

Story behind the image

Hands of time It is hard to describe the hands of Lawrence MacEwen, Laird of the Isle of Muck, in a way which does them justice, perhaps the best metaphor I read recently by Polly Pullar (Author of A Drop in the Ocean) suggests that they are “maps of his island” which is not far...
Ed Smith Photography

Seasonal switch-over

My skis have almost been a permanent fixture in my car over the winter months, but as the Scottish weather is going through an indecisive spring, it is tricky to chose between what gear to load alongside my camera pack. It’s times like this when I look at my VW Polo and think I need...

Out in the elements

It’s fair to say that covering adventure races and producing commercial work out in the elements over this past few months has been challenging, as few shoots have been graced with long spells of blue skies and sunshine. It’s not always plain sailing in these harsh conditions, as the plan is a constantly evolving thing,...

Photographic Purpose

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve committed time to pinning down new photographic goals and also a clear purpose for producing work. This is summed up in a sentence… not a business plan full of figures, but a simple statement, which all at once describes the connecting point between my images and my clients...

A last glimpse of winter

The winter of 2013/2014 will certainly be one that is remembered, in Scotland we’ve seen the biggest snow pack on record up on the hill, while down low it’s been a rather warm and wet season. I’ve was fortunate enough to photograph a ski touring mission when the snow pack was at it’s peak, the...

Pinkston Watersports

From the Cairngorm plateau to the studio next door, its been a varied few weeks of photography, exciting outdoor work has been published in numerous magazines (which I’ll show on here soon) and the new studio lighting kit has been put through its paces, so there’s loads to come. But something that I’m hugely excited...

Dalsland Canoe Marathon

I’m seldom in front of the camera, but there are rare occurrences when I’m not hiding behind the viewfinder. Kayaking, particularly whitewater kayaking, is a life long passion and this summer I was sent out to experience and then write a feature about the Dalsland Canoe Marathon, which is Sweden’s biggest canoe event, with around...

Harrison & Fyfe portrait shoot

I was recently commissioned to create a portrait of Ross Baynham, owner of Harrison & Fyfe quality men’s accessories. The business is focused around curating a range of quality products, which will not be found together anywhere else and their range varies as new fine brands and designers come to light who also push this...

Always look behind you!

A few weeks ago I shared an image of a Brocken Spectre seen from the CMD arete on the Nevis range. Although on that occasion I was thankful for the cloud, it does seem as though my recent work has revolved around wishing it would go away! In true Scottish style I’ve often set off...

Uisge Beatha – ‘Lively Water’

A short kayaking video put together with friend Sam Gregory. Whilst not a videographer, the unique perspective of kayaking in white water, and the ability to access it, has attracted quite a lot of interest over the years. From being involved in adverts for Ford, to acquiring on the water footage for a BBC documentary...

Moriston River Race build up

At the end of the month, on the 26th of May, around 100 white water kayakers will pit themselves against the clock on the grade 4/5 rapids of the Moriston River Race. As a dam controlled section of river, consistent Tuesday releases have seen streams of kayakers honing their route down the rapids. As is...
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