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Normally I would have been…

Heading towards Spittal of Glenshee at the north end of the course. At the Cateran Yomp for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, where the word ‘normal’ doesn’t actually come into any part of the equation. 1,000 people from across the globe, 54 miles, muddy hillsides, forest roads, blue skies, driving rain, sunrise, elation, sunset, determination, sunrise...

Paddleboarding in The Times

There’s no doubt that lock-down has been a test as a freelance photographer with further impact yet to be seen. However I’m a firm believer in silver linings, an example of which has been having the time and opportunity to put my archive to work as opposed to having thousands of images languishing on a...

Greg James Pedal to the Peaks

Whilst in the midst of setting up my new gallery (hence the timeline gap in my blog, more on that later!) I was commissioned to photograph Greg James’ Pedal to the Peaks Challenge for Sport Relief; the sort of work that is right up my street in presenting a unique challenge, but little did I...

A Scottish Ski Patrol

It’s intriguing to think what your day might be like as a Scottish ski patroller, working in one of the most uncertain climates in the world on a job that is defined by unpredictability, and trying to beat it to the punch. In what has been an unusual winter I haven’t skied my local slopes...
Mr November - Ed Smith Photography

Mr November

In the era of social media, it’s sometimes excruciating holding back from releasing images which are going to be in print, but it’s well worth the wait! Whilst I’m as guilty as the next person in my desire for faster news and updates which are drip fed through the screen of my phone, when it...

Whatever the weather

After a warm spell and a few days in near summer conditions, a complete contrast from the fresh snowfall just two weeks ago, the changeable conditions that make Scotland so exciting had me thinking back to some tricky photography conditions this past winter, with one day in the Cairngorms standing out in particular. NorthFace athlete...

The Mountains Are Calling…

… And they have been for quite some time! Over the past 10 years I’ve spent a huge amount of time driving up and down the A82 or the A9 from Glasgow, each trip providing great adventures and fond memories of the Scottish Highlands, but the journey back down the road has never been as...

A splash of comedy

It’s probably quite unusual to see a nervous comedian, but after being handed a wetsuit and shown a forty foot waterfall, Ed Byrne was understandably contemplative on a canyoning shoot for TGO Magazine. Photography is brilliant in that it provides constant variety, particularly in the outdoor world, and I certainly couldn’t foresee that I’d be...

Wild Weekends

Walkers striding along the West Highland Way, through the middle of the Mamores mountain range on the first weekend of October 2012 probably weren’t expecting to be passed by 600 runners going in the opposite direction. They also probably weren’t expecting to be offered a buffet of chicken noodle soup, rolls, a cheese board selection...
Ed Smith Photography

Alliance Trust Cateran Yomp

With the events season well underway, it’s great to reflect on a whirlwind few weeks of photographing people challenging themselves across various distances and disciplines, ranging from a 55 mile hike to a multi-sport quadrathlon and 100 mile cycle. I’ll post a blog about each of them over the next week or so.

Variety, the spice of life…

I’m sitting at my friends house in Austria while images and snow updates from back home in Scotland are pinging up on Facebook. The landscape in the images (or should I say snowscape) is so different from my memory of last years conditions that it makes me appreciate what I’ve come to love about winter…...

Flying Days…

Action cams and social media have certainly helped us – people everywhere – embrace our vanity. It’s fair to say that particularly from the perspective of adventure sports, the combination of the two has upped the ante. But while we’re engrossed in showing off our latest images and footage online, it begs the question of...
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