10 September 2014

It's been a busy period that has seen my blog and website neglected a little, but since I've been doing a lot of outdoor work on/in the water I can't complain! I've avoided the classic 'You've been framed' moment - where I slip into the river with my camera around my neck - many times throughout the summer, despite onlookers hoping for a misplaced footstep to claim their £250.

On the downside my old "drysuit" no longer does what it says on the tin, and has often left me feeling like a mobile water feature at the end of the day… time for a new one! SUP1 Around working with my camera there's been a bit of time for play, and it's not everyday that a friend calls to say he's keen to Stand Up Paddleboard over the Falls of Falloch. A healthy amount of Kodak courage saw Scott Robinson do a couple of takes SUP-ing (new verb for the dictionary?) this waterfall that we often kayak over when the levels are high. It seems logical that I should post an SUP outtakes gallery from that day, but for the time I'll allow Scotty to bask in the glory, as his antics have reached thousands of people with this single image having been shared 113 times. Hopefully a pic of my broken paddle will help to quench your carnage thirst, it made the day a little trickier…                               photo                                                     Kayaking rapids with half a paddle, whilst a camera is between my legs is perhaps my least favourite thing to do on the river. Whitewater1 A shout out has to go to Phil Mitchell for safety boating on the day - hauling Scott, his SUP and paddle from the bottom of one 30 foot waterfall and two class 5 rapids - in between being the rescue bunny he was working on some pretty stylish lines.

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