No such thing as bad weather!

16 December 2013

I've recently been working in my natural habitat of flooded rivers and slippery river banks for Canoe & Kayak UK mag, as the cold weather seems to have disappeared for the time being, to be replaced by an unseasonably warm and wet December. No complaints here though, it just brings one of my favourite sayings to mind  - 'There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong choice of toys' - this is so relevant when chasing outdoor pursuits in the UK. When I'm out on the water, my every day camera pack is replaced by Lowepro Dryzone packs that enable me to either transport my camera between my legs in my kayak or carry as a pack if I'm hiking to photograph a rapid or drop. One of the cheapest and most crucial bits of kit for shooting in these conditions is a quick drying travel towel, so that I don't have to put wet hands on my cameras. While there's nothing better than stunning morning or evening light, such wet conditions in Scotland tend to hide any glimpse of the sun for days, but much like snow, whitewater can be used to fill the frame with some brightness. The image below is about as wide angle as I dare go in such conditions, and shows whitewater kayaker Scott Robinson as he takes a big gasp of air on the Falls of Orchy. Falls of Orchy_Ed Smith

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