The last heat wave

24 October 2013

With an Autumn chill gripping the air it's great to look back on summer climbing whilst being all too eager for the winter to set in, so that the ice axes and crampons can come out of the wardrobe.

The adventure portfolio is growing very quickly, due to my own passion for getting out and also thanks to commission's sending me out and about. The largest development within this area of work is climbing photography, as a fair bit of dangling off crags and scrambling around boulders with camera gear has resulted in some strong images, which I will roll out on this blog over the coming months. With summer quickly about to become a distant memory, it seems fitting to put up an image from a warm afternoon at Dumbarton Rock. As we roll into winter I'll also start to update my home page 'image reel', perhaps I'll make it a bit more seasonal. There's a lot more to come, as I've built up a bit of a backlog for this blog in what's been a busy season. There'll be outdoor images, portraits and product shots popping up on here, and I'll also write a blog about strong 'detail shots' which I believe to be a crucial part to any photographic narrative, commercial or editorial, and whether its about gents accessories or climbing a crag. I've waffled a bit, but I look forward to presenting new work, and will leave you with this shot from Glasgow's well known local bouldering spot... andy dumby

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