Seasonal switch-over

30 April 2015

My skis have almost been a permanent fixture in my car over the winter months, but as the Scottish weather is going through an indecisive spring, it is tricky to chose between what gear to load alongside my camera pack.

Ed Smith Photography

It's times like this when I look at my VW Polo and think I need to upgrade, as the suspension sinks beneath kayaks on the roof, skis down the middle where the rear seats used to be, dismantled bikes either side and kit bags and camera bags in every available space. No matter what the sport though, it is amazing to enjoy the long days of sunlight which are a gift to photographers at this time of year! From six weeks of skiing with my camera pack to jumping back on my mountain bike and seeing some recent work in print, it felt like a good time to update the Outdoor and Adventure portfolio on my site. Whilst my focus has been on snowsports over the winter, some mountain biking and Scottish summer mountaineering images printed in press and large format ad boards has initiated the seasonal switch over with an exciting start to the summer. I update my portfolio on a one in-one out, basis to keep it clean and concise. I just hope that yourselves viewing the site, as great friends and clients, see and feel the same progression through the site, that I have felt over the past four years! EdSmithPhotography4                         Maxi No and Gex Rathfelder on the AK Face. EdSmithPhotography2 Basti Hannemann on an evening run EdSmithPhotography3 Mountain Biking for Glenmore Lodge and SCOTT Bikes AonachEagach1                         Squash Falconer traversing a Scottish classic - the Aonach Eagach ridge