Prince’s Trust awards

10 September 2013

It's the time of the year when the Prince's Trust Youth Business Scotland (PTYBS) programme hold their regional awards, all over the country, to highlight some of the incredibly successful businesses which they have supported.

This programme brings incredibly energetic entrepreneurs and 'out of the box' thinkers together with start-up support and ongoing mentoring through a brilliant network of local businesses. A couple of years ago I was a supported business, which in amongst numerous benefits, kicked off the unexpected opportunity to do photographic work for PTYBS.   These fast paced and energetic award ceremonies are inspiring to see, and it's always a rewarding challenging to document them in a way that can provide imagery for both immediate use, by being sent to local press/social media, and long terms use within the Prince's Trust's own marketing and publications. In photographic terms this is great a workout, with some of the most challenging aspects not necessarily being anything technical, but creative elements, such as setting up and lighting group shots that have impact within tight time limits (as everyone quite rightly wants to get back to socialising). It's been great to kick off this years awards by seeing the circulation of some of my work from the 2012 awards. So I've posted a couple of images below - the cover of the Growth Fund newsletter from 2012 and one of my favourite candid images so far from this years Ayrshire awards. PSYBT_GF_07_2013_February_v3 untitled-1026

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