Pinkston Watersports

22 January 2014

From the Cairngorm plateau to the studio next door, its been a varied few weeks of photography, exciting outdoor work has been published in numerous magazines (which I'll show on here soon) and the new studio lighting kit has been put through its paces, so there's loads to come.

But something that I'm hugely excited about - which I've been involved with and wanting to photograph for quite a while now - is the development of an artificial whitewater course on the edge of Glasgow city. Pinkston Watersports is a facility that will be nearing completion over the next few months, after which it will open and bring watersports enthusiasts together in a highly innovative project. The main features being a whitewater course and a fresh water basin, the centre is going to be a user run facility that will open up a huge amount of potential, particularly for the development of Scottish paddle sports and for the involvement of future generations in numerous water sports, from swimming to freestyle kayaking. With pumps installed to transport water from the fresh water basin to the top of the course, it was great to photograph some of the first whitewater paddlers on the facility. Fingers crossed it will be open in time for summer weather! Huge appreciation for the development of the facility goes to Andy Watt and the rest of the committee behind the conception of Pinkston Watersports, and Andy Laird of Engineering Paddler Designs who is the man behind the design and development. _DSC7222 DSC_8181 DSC_8258 DSC_8242 DSC_8127 DSC_8111 All images ©EdSmithPhotography