Photographic Purpose

4 June 2014

Over the last couple of weeks I've committed time to pinning down new photographic goals and also a clear purpose for producing work.

This is summed up in a sentence… not a business plan full of figures, but a simple statement, which all at once describes the connecting point between my images and my clients - how I can help a client, the thought process behind taking a commission, and how I go about fulfilling that commission. It seems simple enough, but it's amazing how much revision a short sentence requires, and how useful it can be to have a good think and make sure you're doing what you set out to do, in the way you set out to do it. Being able to capture great pictures is one thing, but capturing great pictures that portray the right image for the right client is what I'm passionate about. With that in mind, the purpose for me and my camera is this -  I help brands and businesses enhance their visual communication with clients, through imagery with characterful narrative and strong visual impact. Below is a selection of recent work. DSC_0868 PINKSTON WATERSPORTS CENTRE, GLASGOW Jim JIM HENDERSON, BUSINESS COACH FOR SHIRLAWS UK. CONCEPT BY THE LOFT CREATIVE STUDIOS. DSC_0515                         SARA HUNTER, COMEDIENNE