Emma Cornes – British Made Tweed Bags

19 August 2013

  It's brilliant to be truly inspired by what you're photographing, and a few weeks ago after being approached by Emma Cornes, to photograph her British made tweed bags, I was immediately taken by Emma's approach - from growing up in the Tweed valley, to the inspiration of her father being a wool producing sheep farmer, and Emma questioning why it was so hard to find products made locally .

So she set about making Tweed bags by hand, each one having a piece of hand crafted individuality. When the twelve bags I was asked to photograph arrived, it was astonishing to see the quality and character in each, which certainly conveyed Emma's pride in sourcing fabrics and manufacturing locally. Three days of photographing led to a series of outdoor, indoor and urban images for Emma, and it was great to take on the challenge of doing her meticulous attention to detail justice! Here's a few images to browse. More will be popping up on Emma's site soon - Emma Cornes   untitled-2926                                     untitled-3074                                   untitled-3550                                     actions-2778                                                     untitled-3820

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