Greg James Pedal to the Peaks

7 August 2018

Whilst in the midst of setting up my new gallery (hence the timeline gap in my blog, more on that later!) I was commissioned to photograph Greg James’ Pedal to

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Creative Pathways

23 July 2014

Whilst a large portion of the summer has been focused on adventure sports work, I wanted to show off some local work that I’ve produced for Impact Arts recently, as

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Plans afoot…

14 March 2014

While the winter has opened new potential, I’m in the frustrating situation of desperately wanting to show off my latest work from the adventure sports world, but I’m afraid it

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Studio Portraits

17 February 2014

Next month I’ll have a studio facility just up the road from where I’ve been based for the last couple of years, which is a hugely exciting development. Besides doing

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